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I've always wanted a community like this but never knew where to look or turn. No one in my life has my same interests and values so this is definitely special ❤️

Marissa Bell

Create your dream body

I love how these challenges made me become a more motivated and productive person. I love how supportive Alexis was throughout the whole journey. I'm happy with the results as well.

Sahar Muhammad


I've never had this much support working out before. I feel like I'm being held accountable and I'm sore, but it feels so good!

Rosemary Macuch


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Monthly Challenges

We release new challenges each month with daily videos to guide you to a new body/mind transformation.

Knowledgeable Mentors

You will be lead by some of the most influential fitness girls on the internet who are ready to teach what they know.

Daily Journalling Prompts

Daily activities to keep you engaged and accountable on your growth.

Private Community Chat

A safe space to connect with thousands of other girls from all over the world.

Weekly Live Calls w/ Alexis

Each week, Alexis Ren goes live to chat with the community and give personal insight into tips and tricks she's learned over the years. Connect with her and ask her anything you want!

Step by Step Guide

Our workout programs are designed to take you step by step. You need no prior skillset or knowledge on fitness to join our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

You become a wARrior the moment you sign up. I will be releasing new challenges and upgrading the content for my community each month. Join anytime and receive full access to all current content. 

Each month I will release a new challenge into the community with daily workout videos for you to follow. You will also unlock 24/7 access to a private community group chat + exclusive invitations to join our weekly live calls. To widen your experience, I will be introducing you to new fitness icons. I will also be adding additional premium content each month like healthy eating guides and my go-to self-care practices. 

All bodies are beautiful and strong as they are right now. Warriors workouts consist of exercises that use only your body weight (weights optional if that works for you, of course.), so you can go at your own pace within the comfort of your home. Here, we are committed to discovering our optimal body, mind, and soul health. That’s why Alexis and the other trainers design challenges for all body types in any stage of fitness. 

Yes, hi! I will be an active member of the group chat. I will also be on each live call with our warriors community to check in on results and engage with everyone. Our other trainers will also be engaging with you as well.

Yes. The Daily Mission is a daily check sent straight to your inbox. This email will contain action steps, motivational tips, inspirational stories and other secret things TBA. To support you in your mindfulness journey, I will also be sending out a weekly series of five mindful moments every Monday.

The easiest way to cancel your membership is for you send a message to [email protected] and our support team with cancel your membership right away. You can also cancel the membership yourself from within your dashboard.

Because warriors is a digital product, we do not offer refunds. With that said, if you complete every workout during a month's challenge, work your absolute hardest, and don't feel the results, send us an email and we will refund you. Also, you can take a break from your membership anytime from inside your user dashboard. Just give us a 30 day heads up. 

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