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Join me on a journey to tone your body, upgrade your mind and level-up your life. One workout at a time.
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Meet Alexis Ren

Welcome to the home of warriors.

I’m an actress, entrepreneur, singer, model, and fitness lover, but my biggest passion is empowerment. I'm always studying the most effective ways we can grow into our most unlimited and authentic selves.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to train with some of the best trainers in the world. Each one helped me grow physically, mentally, and spiritually into the human I am today. I created warriors to share what I’ve learned. 

Joining warriors is like opening a gym membership - except your gym is your mind + body and your membership is a real community. Instead of having one personal trainer, you have a line-up of fitness icons who are experts in sculpting their bodies, upgrading their minds, and embracing their full power. 

We live our full potential every day (even on the hard days) and we are here to guide you in doing the same. 

It’s our mission to help you see what we see in you: a warrior.

New Challenges Every Month

A beginner full body workout to introduce you to the Warriors community. This is a full 30 day body burn that won't leave you disappointed.

Day 1: Upper Abs

Day 2: Middle Abs

Day 3: Lower Abs

Day 4: Obliques

Day 5: Full Abs

Day 6: Break

Day 7: Plank Challenge

Day 8: Lower Abs

Day 9: Obliques

Day 10: Middle Abs

Day 11: Upper Abs

Day 12: Full Abs

Day 13: 500 Crunches

Day 14: Slow Abs


Challenge 3 will be taught by Fiona Barron. 

Challenge 4 will be taught by a new special guest teacher and will incorporate diet plans.

New Trainers, Same Price

Each month, new teachers and friends of Alexis will join the warriors platform to bring you exclusive content on all things health, fitness and spirituality.
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Workout with our kickass trainers and expand your beliefs about what you think your body and mind can do. When you join warriors you will unlock unlimited access to content from the entire warriors team. No extra cost. 

Unlimited Online Access

Start your journey anytime from anywhere in the world. When you join warriors you will receive unlimited access to all online content. Explore your dashboard, join our private group chat and stay connected. Warriors is a home that goes everywhere with you.

Make New Connections

Enter a world of people with shared values with 24/7 access to our exclusive group chat + weekly live calls. Meet your accountability sister and explore new connections. Your trainers will also be checking in with you at every stage of your warriors journey. 

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Join our community of warriors. Our private group chat is alive with people who think like you and care about what you care about.

Find your dream accountability sister. Give and receive the ultimate workout support. Build trust, self-confidence and learn to own your voice. Then, celebrate your progress on a collective level. This is the warriors way.

Join our weekly live calls and share your progress. Your teachers and trainers will be there to celebrate your highs and guide you through your lows.

Strengthen your body, upgrade your mind. When we increase our physical strength, we build mental resilience and soul depth. We are doing much more than just working out. We are stepping into our full potential. We are becoming warriors. 

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