Mid-Pandemic Personal Hygiene Health 101 Checklist

health self-care Sep 13, 2020

Considering the world is mid-pandemic, we put together this personal hygiene 101 checklist! Why? Because as we continue to adjust to the "new normal" of everyday life, we may find ourselves forgetting to do parts of our typical personal hygiene routine. 

But wait...what exactly is personal hygiene?

Personal Hygiene is how you care for you body. It is quite literally the foundation from which we can begin to build up our healthy lifestyle habits. Here is a quick personal hygiene check in the form of questions: 

Are You Wearing Your Mask When You Need To? 

We know we know...sorry to bring this up for the millionth time. But wearing a mask is the only way you can guarantee that you protect your immune system from the potentially comprised health of others.

It's also the best way to ensure you don't by accidentally spread anything. 

If you plan on not getting sick during the pandemic wearing a mask (in public places/wherever you feel you need...

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