14 Day Sculpt, Box, Build (Confidence) Challenge

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14 Day Sculpt, Box, Build Challenge

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Community Access

Gain 24/7 access to a community of thousands of girls around the world. 

Weekly Live Calls

Join my weekly live calls (& ones with Alexis too)! I want to get to know you!

Daily Workout Videos

Access a different workout designed to tone our muscles every day.

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Workout with Oriana and get access to a new video everyday. These are doable, at home workouts guaranteed to sculpt your muscles. 

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During your 14 day challenge you will receive access to ALL past Warriors Challenges like the Flex & Stretch and Gratitude Challenge etc. 

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Attend sessions with a registered dietitian on healing food relationships & live calls with Oriana on how to find your favorite angles.

Hey I'm Oriana & my challenge will be in Spanish AND English.

Welcome to my first Warriors Challenge: Sculpt, Box and Build (Confidence).

Warriors is an online wellness community founded by Alexis Ren. She started it to create a community for her IG followers when COVID-19 began. I joined because I want to do the same! This is a monthly membership community...with a new challenge to help you grow in your body AND your mind one every month. 

While my challenge is a one time purchase, you can choose to join the community after it's over. 

Join me this month to workout and hangout! I can't wait to meet you.

-Oriana Sabatini


¿A qué 




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$16.50. 14 days. 12 hours of workout videos. 4 live calls. A community of like-minded girls. A new & transformed you. 

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At Warriors we are all about community inspired self-growth.

From our live calls to our group chats, the one thing you will never feel when you join our community is alone. The moment you sign up a family of girls from all over the world will greet you with love and support. Through loving each other we learn to love ourselves. And THAT is what inspires us to grow into new versions of ourselves. 

Kristal, a Warrior

There are so many things I LOVE about warriors: interacting with you all, supporting each other, the live calls, the workouts, the ballet inspired workouts, the journaling, the growth in my mind as well as my self love and acceptance throughout this journey, the physical changes in my body, alexis' ted talks during the videos, anthea's (community curator) hard work and dedication to us, I could go on forever.

Sahar, a Warrior

I don't feel like it only "changed" me necessarily but I rediscovered myself again...self love, patience, discipline, passion. AND ON TOP OF THAT I gained a lot of technical knowledge for working out which have been super beneficial. also journaling daily has made me so present and in tune with my emotions (which tend to fluctuate a lot lately lol help) and I literally LOVE LOVE LOVE doing it now, when I used to kind of dread it once upon a time. 

Amber, a Warrior

There are currently 1,571 members. This community is like a next level book club or one of those pool club house thingies like Outrigger Canoe Club on O’ahu and those memberships are like thousands of dollars per year. This program will only be maybe a little over a hundred a year  ?  That’s amazing for the amount of self care and self love techniques we’re learning on top of all the networking we’re doing in the group 



Jemma, a Warrior

My favorite part of Warriors is the community 100%, this chat is life, I love the live calls, and I have really been appreciating the experts you guys have brought on.  Having these resources such as Brooke, Juliana, and Michael, the physiotherapist when on a budget is so valuable.  As for workouts, I love the daily challenges because it feels more motivating so the very first challenge and the current challenge have been my favorite so far. 

Nat, a Warrior

I will renew my membership for next month as well because this is the best investment that I, we could ever make in ourselves, in my opinion. It’s only 30$ that’s only like 3 meals and girls try to spend more than that on nails and hair. Not only has this challenge helped my anxiety, but my body also feels so much better throughout the day and this community is PRICELESS

Cassie, a Warrior

The part of warriors that glows is the community. love how much we support each other! also love the journaling exercises! so so important to work on mental health not just physical health. no other workout plans include this type of community and journaling. also think it’s great that it‘s a different video each day, no getting bored of workouts, love the voice overs really helps get through the workouts!

An Online Mind + Body Fitness Community

Each month, we focus on a specific area of your life to upgrade and transform. Evey challenge comes with daily videos taught by your favorite inspiring women. Our intention is to create a real community that gives you real, sustainable, life changing results. Members will always have access to our Warriors dietitian and eating disorder mentor, live calls with the teachers and an entire library of self growth, workout and empowerment content.