Alexis Ren

Introducing Alexis Ren.

Alexis first dipped her toes into the modeling world when she was in her early teens. Fast forward 10 years and she has traveled the world modeling, started her career as an actress, founded We Are Warriors, competed on dancing with the stars, released music AND put a lot of time into cultivating a healthy relationship with her self.

As a Warrior Guide, Alexis is here to:

  • Guide you in activating your mindbody connection
  • Lead you through her community-famous ballet-inspired workouts
  • Go live with you every Friday for journaling
  • Share her journey of learning and growing
  • Be there for you.

When you become a warrior you gain access to:

1. Workout videos with Alexis. There are over 100+ videos of Alexis leading ab, butt, arm and cardio workouts.

2. Recorded live calls. Over 30+ live calls with journal prompts and mediations.

3. Access to group chat. Alexis is in the main warriors group chat where she is very active.

4. Live Calls every Friday at 10AM PST. Go live with Alexis & the Warriors community to journal, workout and participate in Q&A''ll also be meeting some special guests along the way!