Anthea Taeuber

Introducing Anthea Rose Taeuber.

Anthea is a founder and resident mind guide here at Warriors. She joined Alexis to expand warriors from body to mindbody.

With a background in cognitive neuroscience and mindbody medicine, she shares her knowledge from her own healing journey in the form of journaling & meditation. As a trauma informed yoga teacher her approach, to life in general, is rooted in grounding techniques (such as one word check-ins), going at your own pace and sharing your progress/asking for help from your community.

As a Warrior Guide, Anthea is here to:

  • Guide you in daily journaling to engage your mind
  • Lead you through weekly live yoga classes designed to help you cultivate inner peace
  • Encourage you to ask for help when you need it and honor your healing process
  • Support you on your wellness journey

When you become a warrior you gain access to:

1. Videos & recorded live calls. There are over 30+ mediation, art journaling, journaling, and yoga videos with Anthea.

2. Access to group chat. Anthea is in the main warriors group chat and oversees the Journal Sharing Circle and Sir-Thriver Circle.

3. Live Calls every Monday at 12PM PST. Go live with Anthea & the Warriors community to journal and meditate.

4. Surprise programming: Anthea has been working and traveling the world for 2 years now & enjoys leading calls on how to become a digital nomad, starting your own business and learning how to copy write.