Fiona Barron

Introducing Fiona Barron.

Fiona Barron is a well loved model and social media personality. She is bright, full of life, loves to cook, and is passionate about her parents and family.

As a Warrior Guide, Fiona is here to:

  • Guide you in a sister workout with Alexis
  • Show you her favorite lower body exercises

When you become a warrior you gain access to:

1. Workout videos with Fiona.

2. Access to group chats. Fiona is in the main warriors group chat and the spanish speaking group-chat. She pops in to check in warriors progress.  

Fiona is a warrior because:

She is extremely strong, brave and puts herself first, along with those the loves. Spending time with Fiona is a breath of fresh air. She can't wait to meet you.