Oriana Sabantini

Introducing Oriana Sabatini.

Oriana Sabatini is known for her many creative identities. A renowned Argentinian singer, model and actress, Oriana, 24, uses her everyday life & social media platforms to express her true self and advocate for what she believes in.

You may recognize her from movies and TV Series...or from her music videos for her songs Lo Que Tienes, Bad and Love Me Down Easy.

She performed at Lollapalloza in 2018 and has opened Coldplay, Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande. Oriana has also been nominated for international awards (MTV MIAW, Kids Choice Awards and more) for the roles of Best Actress and Musical Revelation.

As a Warrior Guide, Oriana is here to:

  • Guide you in building confidence
  • Answer questions you have about working in the entertainment industry
  • Help you heal your relationship with food (speaking from her own personal experience)
  • Explore the power of boxing
  • Encourage you to start your workouts with affirmations (see her January challenge videos...each one starts with an affirmation for strength).

When you become a warrior you gain access to:

1. 2 pre-recorded challenges with Oriana. 1) the 14 Day Sculpt, Box and Build challenge + January Plan Your Dream Life challenge.

2. Live Calls. Two/ per month. Oriana’s calls are Q&A based with warrior shout outs at the end (a chance for warriors to spotlight each other). Oriana encourages warriors to ask deep and meaningful questions - and no topics are off limit.

3. Access to group chats. Oriana is in the main warriors group chat and the spanish speaking group-chat. She pops in to check in warriors progress & shares photos of Kaia, her cute AF puppy

Oriana is a warrior because:

She is honest, vulnerable and open. When warriors ask her meaningful questions she has meaningful answers. Her live calls are some of the most transformative because of her unique life experiences. You can feel her love and passion through the screen.

Note: Oriana is here for spanish & english speakers!

Orianas calls are a mix of english AND spanish WITH translation. So if you want to practice either language...become a warrior and check it out.